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Common Termite Risk Factors in Australia

Termites damage repair

Do you know there are 300 species of termites in Australia? Termites attack different materials like wood, plastics, rubber, and fiberglass. They make their nests and destroy windows and door frames, cupboards, house frames, books, etc. Your home is your property and your biggest investment. Do not let these unwanted guests invade your beautiful home. Before doing termite damage repair do take preventive measures. Discover here what are the common termite risk factors:

  • The first one on the list is that your building is not treated for termite protection. All buildings should be protected with termite prevention measures.
  • Your building does not have proper subfloor clearances and slab-on-ground.
  • There is no proper ventilation and light in the subfloor.
  • There is water leakage due to inadequate site drainage.
  • The subfloor is attached directly or indirectly to tree roots, buried timber, damp areas, etc.
  • Any wooden part of the building is directly connected to trees, soil, leaves, etc will provide an entrance to enter your house.
  • A new addition made in the building which was never treated for termites.
  • The building was treated for termites but with time the termites have expired.
  • Termiticides washed away due to the accumulation of excessive water against the foundation or treated soil.
  • Water leakage from the air conditioner.
  • Using untreated wood in house for making steps, trellis or another wood structure.
  • Any type of water leaks can lead to termite invasion. Floor leaks due to leaking pipes or due to moisture under concrete slabs. Wall leaks due to failed cavity cappings or blocked weep holes. Roof leaks resulting from water accumulating from rain. Whatever type and source of water leaks it should be repaired and fixed immediately.

For termite damage repair, Outwood Home Improvements have a team of experts who will make sure your house is free from termites. You should implement all the preventive measures that are recommended for termite protection. Do not let termites do any damage to your home and call us now to get personalized quotes.

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