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How to choose your contractor?

How to choose your contractor

Maintenance, repair, and renovations demand complex work and hands of professionals. Every house owner wants the best services for their home. Selecting the right contractor or tradie is the most important thing. Choosing the right person merely based on the price factor may not be the best of things. So, how to choose your trade person? Consider the following factors:


You can always ask for 2 or 3 references from them from their previous clients. This will give you an idea about their work. Find out if the work is done recently, on time, were there any problems, is their work similar to yours, etc.

You can ask your family or friends to suggest someone if they have hired in the past. This way you can get honest feedback and will be able to hire someone you can trust.

Years of experience

Find out for how long they have been operating and are in business. The more experience they have more skilled and professional their work will be.


Get written quotes and estimates from every tradesperson that you have selected. Compare their quotes and choose the one that is the best fit for you. Always ensure that you get written quotes from them and also it contains all the standard costs and any other extras.


Yes, how they are communicating is also an important factor to consider. When making a decision such as if you should hire them or not, consider if they are friendly, courteous and approachable or not. They should be willing to discuss every detail and answer all your queries.

Paperwork and licenses

In order to find out if the tradie is qualified for the job that you need, ask for their license, business details, physical address, etc.


For maintenance, repairs and renovations choose the contractor that:

  • have quality experience in their work area.
  • has good references and is recommended by others.
  • have all the details and documents available to prove they qualify for the job.
  • You feel would be a good fit and they are friendly and approachable to you.

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