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Increasing Curb Appeal of the house

Increasing Curb Appeal of the house

I know this article would be perfect for someone selling their house. But don’t ignore the fact that your house might use extra curb appeal even when you would be the one staying there.

Yes, increasing the curb appeal of your house would increase its value and would be great while negotiating for the selling price. Whether you have just shifted to your house or have not renovated it for ages. I bet you want your house to look its best every time, isn’t it?

Here is a list of some things that you can do yourself and hire a professional for other works: 

Lighting: Rethink the lighting situation of your whole house. Floor lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, etc would help to change the mood of the room. Ever thought about exterior lighting like lampposts, porch lighting, landscape lightings, etc to make your house looks better even at night.

Structural alterations: You can hire professionals to do structural alterations like change or alteration in bearing walls, columns, floor construction, etc. It will add to your home improvement and will increase its value.

Building restorations: If your house is very old then you might consider building restoration to reserve original beauty from the heritage era and fix any structural issues that naturally occur over time.

Greenery: Adding some fresh greenery and flowers is the ultimate way to boost the curb appeal. You can maintain your own garden or can add some interior plants inside your house. I know its fun just imagining it right.

Color: Change the color theme of your house, walls or doors. If your rooms are small, painting the walls all white would help to make the room appear big.

Decorate porch: Convert your boring front porch into an eye-catching view by adding porch lite, some planters, and little seating area.

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