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Planning home improvement

Planning home improvement

Are you planning for home improvement? Read this article to understand the steps required for you to prepare for your next project.

Create a detailed plan

The first step is to inspect your house properly and note down all the renovations needed. Develop a detailed plan with your goals for home improvement. What does your project plan include?

  1. A list of requirements and necessities of your project.
  2. Divide your project into DIY and work that will require professionals.
  3. Divide your work into High priority, medium priority and low priority.
  4. Sketch of your finished project

You should plan 6-8 months before starting the project. It will give you enough time for your research and other things like investigating local zoning regulations and permits.

Set a budget

The next step is to determine your budget. Along with building a project plan calculate the budget needed for each task. It will give you a rough idea about how much will your projected cost and the actual cost is in sync.

Set aside 10% to 15%  of your budget for unexpected expenses. Request quotes from professionals to determine the cost of hiring them. In case the expenses are exceeding your budget, then go to your project plan and start eliminating low priority tasks.

Hire professionals

Next comes hiring professionals for your project. Let’s look at the following factors before choosing your contractor:

  • Compare cost estimates from different contractors.
  • Since when they are in this business and also check reviews.
  • Make sure you check their contracting license.

Start researching for contractors at least 2-3 months before starting the project.

Set a timeline

Now its time to choose the start date and discuss the timeline of your project with your contractor. Make sure your timeline includes the time to clean your house, delivery of every item needed for the project and holidays needed by your contractors.

Pack up and start preparation

Start packing your stuff and cleaning up space from the room which is going to get renovated. Whether or not you should leave your house for the project depends on how much construction is needed. You should plan and make arrangements accordingly.

Other important things:

  • Plan for the waste disposal beforehand.
  • Clear all your doubts regarding your contractor in advance related to the payments, Material, timeline, etc.
  • List out all the problems that can come up during the project in order to be well prepared in advance.
  • Discuss with your contractor to complete structural works first.

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