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Home Renovations

Our licenced builders manage all renovations to meet your requirements such as Alterations,  Wall Removals, Alterations, Flooring, Windows, Doors, Outdoor structures Structural Alterations and all Carpentry work. No job is too small or too large to improve and update your home. We arrive on time, constructing your project as per your needs. Improve and transform your most valuable asset - your home, by entrusting builders that since 1980 have renovated homes in the Hills and North Shore areas in Sydney.

  • Licence Builder
  • Wall Removals
  • Alterations
  • Flooring
  • Doors
  • Decks
  • Outdoor Structures
  • Structural Alterations
  • All carpentry works

Alterations and Additions

Alterations are important to transform your property to meet your needs and vision. Extensions to your home add much-needed space to suit a growing family and substantially add value to your home. Adding a new room, removing a wall or altering your property can do wonders for your home. No matter big or small or the complexity of the project we can help.

  • Extra space in the living room
  • Add new room
  • Remove walls
  • Alterations to your home

Building Repairs

Unfortunately, your home is not immune to damage caused by general wear and tear. Which is why you need to get on top of the damage before it becomes a serious issue. Our team are qualified to undertake all home repair services, from small touch ups to structural repairs. Such as all Building Repairs, White Ant Repairs, Tile Roofs, Metal Roofs, Rotten Timber, Balcony's, Decks, Fascia/Bargeboards and decorative building elements.

  • Repairs to all types of buildings
  • Repairs to all parts of your home
  • Structural Repairs
  • Termite Repairs
  • Roof Repairs
  • Storm/Weather Damage Repairs
  • Property Maintenance

At Outwood Home Improvements we specialise in all building repairs. No matter what type of repair you have, we have the tools and experience needed to undertake the project. We work closely with you to ensure your building repairs meets your needs and your property’s specifications.

Heritage Restoration

Our specialty extends to heritage restoration, restore your property to its original beauty from the heritage era and fix any structural issues that naturally occur over time. Heritage restorations involve repairs or replacement with similar Floors, Walls, Roofs, Linings, Cladding, Internal and External Woodwork and Verandas. Book an appointment and we can evaluate your heritage property and provide you with a competitive quote.

  • Fix Structural issues
  • Restore Heritage features
  • Internal and External woodwork and Verandas.

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