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Termite risks for Australian Homes!

Termite damage repair Sydney

Yes, you heard it right. You should be scared if you are ignoring the signs of termite or white ants attack in your house.

Almost 180,000 homes in Australia are affected by termites every year. They are the silent attacker and with their queen laying eggs up to 7000 every day, imagine the risk you are taking every day by not taking any action against them.

It is quite hard to detect the invasion of termites but if you are extra careful you can detect it easily. Otherwise, they will grow so rapidly and by the time you realize you may have serious damages in your house that will cost you for termite repair.

Let’s check below what signs here I am talking about:

Damaged wood/timber

If you find any damaged timber or wood then you have uninvited guests living with you in your house. Yes, I am talking about white ants also called termites. Termites damage woods from inside out. The wood starts appearing shiny, discolored and weak. Do not ignore when your windowsills or door frames start sagging.

There are most cases when the house owner only notices that their wooden wall is damaged when they accidentally put the vacuum through the wall.

Mud leads

Termites grow in moisture and build their homes in small tunnels of mud around wood or areas that they are infesting. If you find any mud leads in your home, there is a sure chance you might have to look for termite control and termite repair measures.

The smell of mould or damaged timber

Are you experiencing any unpleasant smell of mould, mildew or damaged timber lately. Some of you might not recognize the smell and the source. But, if you any doubt there is a chance your house might be infested by termites and you should not take any risk by not taking any action.

Clicking sound coming from walls

With the increasing number of termites, you might notice some clicking sound which they made while eating or by shaking their bodies in danger.

Termites or Termites wings or Flying termites

When they start growing and start infesting rapidly, you can see termites moving around the affected areas. If you see flying termites or their discarded wings around your house, then there is a great chance they are invading your home.

High moisture and heat

Termites live and grow in high moisture and heat areas. There are moisture detectors available in the market that can help you to check regularly if your home in infected by termites or not.

If you have noticed any of these signs or beside these if you find any activity that gives you suspicion of termites do not ignore that. For termite repairs in Sydney call us at 0425 374 271. You can also email us in case of any query at

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